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About Portfolio Questions Contact


Hi! I'm Eunice. I'm a photo enthusiast, I'm not a professional photographer but I dreamed to be one. I just love capturing things that caught my attention. I make this website in order to inspire people who wanted to be a professional photographer someday. Everyone can be a photographer, everyone is a photographer of themselves.

The photos that you will see here are my creative shots. Just a reminder this website is not for profit, I made this in order to inspire young ones to look around and see what our environment offers us. Pic.Photo offers different kind of photos from different places that I've been.

Browse more! 😁


Baresbisan Beach

Baresbisan Beach @ Balatan Cam. Sur, Philippines

Heart @ CWC

Heart @ CWC Pili, Cam. Sur Philippines

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Penafrancia Fest.

Penafrancia Festival @ Naga City, Philippines

New Year


New Year

Happy New Year @ Nabua Cam. Sur, Philippines

Heart @ SM Cinema

Forming a heart sign @ SM Cinema

Sky @ Ateneo

Sky @ Ateneo de Naga University



Street Light

Street Light



Heart @ Park

Forming a Heart Sign under the beautiful sky

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What's your inspiration?

- Actually my friends told me that my photos are good so it inspires me to do it.

2. What can you contribute to other people?

- Well Pic.Photo is highly encouraging young people to bring out the best in them by taking photography.

3. Can we see more pictures?

- Absolutely yes.

4. Can we share our photos?

Absolutely. 😄

5. Is this website will always update?

I will try my best to post more pictures everyday. Just stay tuned! 😉


If you like to share your creative shots, just email me at or on my social media accounts:

  • twitter: @xylalouise
  • instagram: @_immariagarcia
  • Thank you & God Bless